Steve Moris, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings


Back for another season at the Branson Central Theatre, Steve Moris’ comedy show runs through December 18. Steve’s show is like no other in Branson. Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience with well over 20,000 shows in a lifetime, his stories of the road with such artists as The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, BJ Thomas, Alabama, and so many others will have you laughing as well as give you behind the scenes insights of a life on the road. Combined with his talent on guitar and vocals, you will relive some of the greatest songs of the 60's and 70's you may not have heard in a while. But the real impact of a Steve Moris show is his ability to connect with his audience in a genuinely personal way.

Like many comedians, Steve started as a cut-up in school. “I was a little runt and I was real shy kid. I used to get in trouble all the time in school because the funny guys could keep a straight face,” he quipped. “I would just keep laughing and then the teacher would call me out. My parents had a great sense of humor, too, very dry and unique. My dad was Italian and my mom English. I learned about being funny just watching them.”

But music, not comedy, was Steve’s first passion. The comedy came when he just started talking between songs and interacting with the audience. “I developed my comedy more in dialogue as opposed to a standard stand-up comic who would write jokes,” he said. “My humor was more integrated in conversation.”


Steve believes his approach is similar to another comic he met in the early nineties, Louie Anderson, who quickly became a life-long friend. “Louie and I are like brothers,” he said. “I've always enjoyed his style and he liked my style as well. It kind of complemented his. We both came up with this outlook that comedy is really a dialogue disguised as a monologue. You get the crowd to feel that they're actually responding and talking to you. But you are at the wheel and in charge. I think Johnny Carson was the king of that. His guests were always very comfortable because he made them comfortable and he could steer the conversation where he wanted it to go.”


Steve has played all over the country from large stadium concert halls to intimate venues, but he feels his current run at the Branson Central Theatre is one of his favorite settings, both for the venue itself and the people who come to the shows. “Branson has been a real eye-opener for me and I just love it because for the people I play for, it's not their first rodeo,” he said. “Most of my audience are seniors like I am, baby boomers and such, and everyone's got a story. Many of them are veterans like I am. I often feel like I'm not the funny one, they are. I just bring it out. So, after 45 plus years of performing I feel I now can relax. I don't have to perform like on say a cruise ship where I would do a slick 45-minute show and send them off to their dinner or whatever the next event was. Here, I can spread out and become really interested in what people have to say and how they interact with me.”


And that’s the kind of show you can expect to see when you come to a Steve Moris performance. An intimate, personal experience. Almost like having Steve in your living room.

“It’s really cool that with my show now I think there is a takeaway”, he said. “I can’t tell you how many people come up after the show and hug me and say ‘boy that was great and we really laughed but you also gave us something to think about and to be grateful for like our kids and grandkids and parents’. So, when somebody comes to see my show they can expect to have a fun, cerebral time that's not over anybody's head but very interactive and it'll touch their heartstrings.”


As the only People’s Choice Nominee for Entertainer of the Year in the history of Princess Cruises, Steve Moris will be performing at the Branson Central Theater through December 18. Don’t miss his one-of-a-kind show.



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