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Arsaga's opens new restaurant, coffeeshop

by NWA Democrat-Gazette on

The business announced Thursday that Arsaga's Mill District is now serving a menu of coffee drinks, pastries and breakfast burritos available for morning curbside pickup, according to a social media post.... Read full article

Million Dollar Bacon and Other Culinary Riches at First Watch


First Watch is neither a young company, nor a passing trend. Founded in 1983 by Ken Pendery, the breakfast, brunch and lunch concept has established strong roots in healthy harvesting, fresh food and compassion for community. ... Read full article

Café USA: Fresh, Hearty, All-American Food


Why has Café USA become so popular so fast? It all starts with their basic philosophy: a belief in the old, traditional American way of preparing the food and menus. The portions are big and the ingredients are fresh. Everything is cooked to order.... Read full article

Penguin Ed's: Historic and Delicious


Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, with barely enough room for two people to stand side-by-side, Penguin Ed’s has come a long way from its humble roadside beginnings.... Read full article

Take a World Cuisine Dining Tour Close to Home


A break from meal planning and preparation is part of the allure of traditional vacations. But just because you’re choosing a staycation does not mean that you need to forgo the respite from cooking nightly meals.... Read full article

King Burrito: Fresh Ingredients & Great Prices


It’s been a dozen years since King Burrito debuted in Northwest Arkansas. It’s a standout among Mexican taquerias here, and its popularity just keeps growing.... Read full article

Angus Grill & Cantina: Great Food, Good Times


When it’s time to get out of the house, you’ll want it all: great food, good times and a fantastic atmosphere. And Angus Grill & Cantina in Rogers is your destination. ... Read full article

First Watch Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch Is Far From Ordinary


With so much so much feel-good freshness; First Watch is the new go-to for the greatest breakfast, brunch and lunch experience.... Read full article

Angus Grill & Cantina: Make the Most of Your Night Out


From the time you order your appetizers and specialty cocktails, to when you’re finishing up the last bite of the best cheesecake in town, dining at Angus Grill & Cantina is a near-perfect dining experience.... Read full article

NWA Real Estate: a broad market offering plenty of options


NWA has had phenomenal growth in the last several years, that growth has provided homes to be available to buyers in a multitude of differing price ranges. ... Read full article